Cher McGrath – Studio Artist (Paper Making)

I was working in a library in Victoria when a book called ‘The art & craft of paper’ crossed my desk.  Soon afterwards I enrolled in paper making & book binding workshops.  I joined Papermakers of Victoria in 1990, attending meetings and taking advantage of every learning opportunity available.  I have travelled interstate & overseas & have camped at woolsheds and on rocky coastlines for weekends of papermaking, basket making & fibre art.  I have taught papermaking in classes, & demonstrated at public events to promote recycling & the technique of transforming waste paper into beautiful pieces for use in art. My papermaking reflects my understanding & appreciation of history, from the first printed word to the use of fibre in high-tech sustainable products of the modern age. My papermaking journey has deepened my passionate interest in the complex relationship of humans with nature.

Paper making represents the potential for re-using & recycling waste products; & I hope to promote a thoughtful & creative approach to this end.

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