Beach Road Artworks was founded in 2001 by Community Arts Workers and program coordinators Irene Dougan and Cheryl Dean. The program has since become firmly established in the cultural life of Southern residents, predominantly as an avenue for artistic activity by young unemployed locals. Our projects are primarily but not exclusively youth focused. The majority of our participants live in the local area, are unemployed or underemployed and come from low socio-economic backgrounds.

We are a not-for-profit organization operating since 2001 and incorporated since October 2004. Our staff consists of a Program Manager, a Project Manager, Studio Artists and a Promotions Officer. Artworks Inc. has a steering group, which includes representatives from local service providers, community members, and participants. Additional Community Artists and Trainee artists are engaged for specific projects.

Artworks’ core work has emerged in response to the following challenges faced by our community; social isolation, high-level youth unemployment, and financial and educational barriers to Tertiary Arts education.

During our history, Artworks Inc. has developed effective and supportive networks with local groups and organizations, establishing strong community reputation and goodwill.

Specific project based funding has been achieved through partnerships with City of Onkaparinga, Community Benefits SA, Arts SA, the Australian Cultural Fund (through Australian Business Arts Foundation) and Positive Ageing Development Grants.


To develop a community arts program, renowned for its innovative combination of public art and social inclusion.


At Artworks Inc., professional artists offer skills-based workshops in a variety of mediums for the local community.


Respond to and promote the creative aspirations of the local community through an accessible visual arts program.

Create a safe space of social inclusion, which provides an avenue for artistic activity.

Provide a community initiative focused on local community members, offering opportunities to explore and develop personal artwork as well as collaborate on public art projects.


Integrity, Opportunity, Possibility, Creativity, Social Inclusion.

The studio is located at Holly Cottage, Gates Road, Hackham, near one of the area’s main shopping and services precincts. We work with members of the local community, and our public artwork is displayed at various sites within the City of Onkaparinga. We are a community cultural development resource for our community, council, local organisations and artists.


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