Beach Road Wall Murals (2001-2005)

This project features a series of 30 murals of handmade clay tiles, which are installed on wall space along Beach Road, Christies Beach.
The murals were created by; Artworks Volunteer Core Group, Southern Junction Youth Housing clients, and local community members.

street_gallery001 street_gallery002 street_gallery003 street_gallery004 street_gallery005 street_gallery006 street_gallery007 street_gallery008 street_gallery009 street_gallery010 street_gallery013 street_gallery014 street_gallery016 street_gallery017 street_gallery018 street_gallery019 street_gallery020 street_gallery021 street_gallery022 street_gallery023_1 street_gallery023_2 street_gallery024 street_gallery025 street_gallery026 street_gallery028 street_gallery029 street_gallery030 street_gallery031 street_gallery032 street_gallery033

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