Transformations (2003)

The Transformations Mosaic
Created June 2002 – February 2003
Installed at the Noarlunga Health Village
Unveiled March 6 2003
This Mosaic emerged out of conversations women shared in the Transformations Groups held regularly in the community since 2000. The groups have explored themes of change and growth in participants’ lives, and the development of our capacity to lead the lives we hope for.
The tree has evolved as a symbol of these ideas. It represents the wholeness of life, what keeps us strong, and what to look out for that might hurt us. Ideas of nurturing have been important, and some of these are written on the leaves of the tree. And just as trees need water and nutrients, and sometimes have to be pruned, so we also need to think about what nourishment we need and in what ways we need to protect ourselves.
The decision to create the Mosaic takes these conversations into a more public space. Making these ideas public is a way of spreading them as well, so that in some small way, the strength and creativity of women can be recognised more fully, and have a broader influence on the values of our community.
The Mosaic has been made possible through the City of Onkaparinga Neighbourhood Development Program, Noarlunga Health Services and the Pathways for Families Program. The Project was coordinated by Beach Road Artworks and facilitated by artists Irene Dougan and Cheryl Dean. The design was developed and then created by Andrea, Elise, Jody, Jean, Francisca, Mandy, Jo, Leanne, Elaine, Bronwyn, Margo, Rebecca, Megan, Megan, Evelyn, and Elizabeth.
We thank all the participants for their wonderful work and hope that the finished artwork will inspire and delight all who see it for many years to come.
Elizabeth Becker
Noarlunga Health Village

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