The Wall (2006)

The Wall Project enabled Beach Road artworks to employ a trainee community artist, as well as engaging members of our volunteer core group in the concept development, design, and production of a connected series of handmade clay tile murals.
During the concept development phase the ideas for the surfboard murals were arrived at. The trainee consulted and responded to input from the team of participating volunteer artists regarding design development of the painted background mural. Through this process the ‘wave’ theme was agreed upon as a painted backdrop for the handmade clay tile ‘surfboard’ murals.
The opportunity to participate in this project eventuated in four of our core group members committing and seeing the project through to its completion. Each participant developed a design which they then transferred and worked through to completion in the clay medium. The completed handmade tiles were then ‘fixed’ and grouted onto cement boards by individual participants or members of the broader artworks team. These precision cut boards were enclosed by stainless steel frames which had been specifically designed to install on the identified wall space These murals were subsequently installed onto a prominent wall space on Beach Road, Christies Beach.

board1 board2 board3 board4 the-wall

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