Propagation (2002)

The Volunteers, Coordinators and Community from Beach Road Artworks created this Artwork for the entrance foyer of the state office of the Department of Family and Community Services. The aim was to represent the many aspects of South Australian Community, as community members perceive it.
The Coordinators and eight volunteers from Beach Road Artworks, mainly from our Work for the Dole Project, made up the core art team.
The team met regularly to work on concept development, and the overall visual design. There was an extensive technical research phase dealing with the colours to be used suspended in the glaze and fired onto the porcelain pieces. The aim was to give a transparent quality while highlighting the carving.
The seed theme was chosen because of the symbolic connections with new growth. Images were carved within individually formed porcelain seed shapes. The seeds are linked by copper wiring to form the shape of South Australia.
40 community members contributed to the Artwork, creating 140 carved seeds.

propagation006 propagation007 propagation008 propagation009 propagation010 propagation011

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