Multicultural Group Table Top Project (2005)

Stories of Migration Through Mosaics:
The idea for the mosaic tables came from a desire of members of the Onkaparinga City Multicultural Group to express their stories of migration in a more creative way other than talking or recording the stories which had been done in the past. The group wanted to show some of the things that they left behind in their country of origin (foods, traditional dress, religion, places of personal or cultural significance) things that may have been left behind but never forgotten. The mosaic also shows both what people encountered when they first arrived in Australia and currently. Many people in the group entered the first mosaic session with quiet scepticism, discussing with others their lack of creativity and an inability to draw or paint or even think in a creative way. Not surprisingly, after so many enjoyable weeks with fabulously encouraging artists, many of the group members are now wanting to know when the next project will be up and running! This project has been so successful bringing together people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds that may otherwise have been socially isolated and lacking in supports and networks. Group members can now be seen standing over their bits of the mosaic and proudly boasting that ‘this is what I’ve done!’.
Megan Harris
Noarlunga Health Village

table_tops001 table_tops003 table_tops004

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